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Happy New Year 2022!

 As the year 2021 comes to an end, I have been contemplating what I did this year. And not as an individual, but as a family. This year was a mixed bag of good and bad things. It was my second year of deciding to give up city life and moving with my husband to his workplace in remote areas.  Since his birth, Neel and I have been in the city while his father used to stay at national parks/wildlife sanctuary for his work.  Although he came home regularly, there was discomfort in our hearts for being a fragmented family.  So, when COVID hit last year, we moved with him to his workplace. And I must say that was a great decision for us as a family.  Suddenly, we have more time to talk, read, play, fight together instead of doing that over calls.  Suddenly, we can do whatever we want impromptu without having to plan it for months. And it helped us three to grow together. We grew as individuals, as a family and it helped us to deal with the pandemic, it's affects, mental health and depres

Best Books for 3-5 Years Kids

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for your overwhelming response to my debut post ' How To Raise A Reader '. Inspired by your responses, we have decided to write a series on books for kids. Here's the first one about the best books for 3-5 years old kids. 3-5 years old kids are inquisitive in nature. They are discovering the world and are full of questions. They love to explore their surroundings, their belongings, and everything they come in contact with. Naturally, you need lots of activities to keep them occupied and busy. Books are one of the best things that you can give your kids that can pacify their inquisitive minds and keep them occupied for a long time.  Here are a few books our kid loved to read when he was a 3-5 years old kid.  Best Books for 3-5 Years Kids 1. Peppa Pig: Little Library Our son loves Peppa pig! So, when I discovered this set of books on Amazon , I had to get it. And to no one's surprise, my son loved it. You can also create a puzzle with the s

How To Raise A Reader

  Announcement: This post is written by my better half Puspanjalee who is an award-winning blogger and author. I have finally convinced her to write regularly for this blog on her ideas on parenting and raising a reader.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Living in India naturally makes you trilingual. You learn your mother tongue, Hindi as a lingua franca, and English as the second language. But the learning curve for the mother tongue when you go to an English Medium school can be really steep. It depends on you how you make your child read and write your mother tongue. So, we thought of incentives for our son to learn how to read and write Assamese fluently. We told him that he gets to read a whole lot of books when he learns to read Assamese. And that trick worked like magic! Being a reader, the possibility of reading books in his own language was a huge boost. Being bookworms, it really ligh

Neel's first publication

                                       Published in the Assam Tribune dated (16.12.2021) The experience of publishing in mass media is one of a lifetime. If it is for the first time and even at a tender age, it gives immense pleasure. As a parent, we are putting our effort into a good environment for our budding children.  We are not helicoptering parents but we always monitor each and every activity of our child. We would not impose matters on him but guide him to do what is right or wrong.  But as an intelligent child, he evolved as much faster than us. Accordingly, we are also trying to develop ourselves in relation to certain environments.   Reading different aspects of books is our normal routine. We prefer to read general books and kindle on our Ipads. We read newspapers and keep sharing and discussing major current affairs.  As such, our son also developed reading habits newspapers and eagerly waits for weekly supplements. He reads it regularly and we always discuss what he lear

Elephant Parenting

Elephant parenting is an informal term that was originally coined by the American sociologist Letitia Anne Peplau in 1987 to describe a form of over-controlling, smothering, and restrictive child-rearing. It has since come to be used as shorthand for describing parents who are too involved in their children's lives or who make their children's decisions for them. The phrase "elephant parenting" comes from the idea that parents act like elephants with blinders on their ears—they only see what is right in front of them and do not hear what is happening around them.

Daddy's time for his son during Pandemic

I am a father of 7 years son and trying to provide quality time in the midst of a busy work schedule. Professionally, I am a wildlife biologist as such I spend many days from my house inside the forest with no connectivity. But as I return home I am turned into a family man and a father. How can we (my son and me) spend time: Early morning : I am an early riser and always left my bed between 4:30–0500am. This is my me time. From 5:00 -7:00, I do my all work- walking for half an hour, meditation and daily journal, and reading. 7:30 I wake up my son with a kiss on his forehead. I open windows and softly request him to wake up. Every night we sleep at the same time and I give him suggestions to wake up as I request so there is no hindrance. He usually takes 10 minutes to freshen up. then I give him the first glass of water and two biscuits to start the day. Thereafter we read his books (either textbook or reference) and request him to read loudly. I correct his pronunciation and maintain