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5 Activities You Can Do with Your Child during Lockdown

As the whole world is under the Corona Pandemic, this has been a desperate time for us. Corona is slowly breaking our economy and the future seems blank as of now. It has threatened the evolutionary traits of social relationships and keeping us inside our home. In India, 21 days lockdown has put all of us inside the four walls of the house. From morning to night our family members are spending time together.  Although we are accustomed to the gadgets, I and my son are trying to use this bleak time to bond with nature and finding time for creative works.  We are also exercising, running and utilizing time as much as possible. The following are five activities you can try with your kids during the lockdown. I hope it will help you engage your kids and they will enjoy it as much as our kid does. I will share more such activities over time with you.  1. Painting and drawing  Every day, Neel and I spend a couple of hours with pen and pencils. We love to sketch