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Fatherhood is a Brilliant Experience

Fatherhood is a brilliant experience . Though this relationship is not discussed as much as compared to motherhood. 'Fatherhood' may be a divine creation. I am fortunate enough that I am a father of five years energetic, inquisitive kid (Neel). I would like to elaborate some of my lively moments with my son Neel. I often stay outside due to the profession. I am a conservationist and wildlife biologist. So my job profile indicated my limited time for a son. However, when I reached home I invariably spent time with Neel. I spent almost 80% of the time with Neel at my home. I try to obey Neel's every command and request. We play, sing, arranging our rooms, looking clouds in the azure sky or sometimes bright moonlight and stars at night.  I love to pick Neel's tiny fingers on an evening stroll as I love to pick my departed father's finger in my childhood. We enjoy our ' MeTime ' running on the road, playing basketball, creating pebble a