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Bird watching with telescope #summervacation2024 #fun #birdwatching #par...

Week-1 Day-2 Enjoying Summer vacation by enjoying Bird Watching
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Should politics be taught in school

Yes. Children should learn Politics. Children should learn about politics because it is essential for society. As descendants of today's society, as citizens of the future, and as future leaders of our country, it is imperative that all present children to gain a better understanding of politics. Usually, we feel that politics is place for bad human being. That normally discourages us from dreaming of being a leader in future. We also need encouragement to vote when we attain voting age. Learning politics would also help to select suitable candidate to lead our country / Let’s   hope that our children are the best leaders in the world. Authored , Dhurba Neel Dutta (10 years )

“How can I follow a minimalistic lifestyle?” (Son's column)

To follow a minimalistic lifestyle, we need to have a good budget, save money for future expenses, and choose to buy what you think is best. If you have any subscriptions services, then try your best to manage them. If you have a lot of things that you never use, then remove all of that to clean your house, apartment or other living societies. Choose things you actually need to you use, and if you are in a small house a capsule wardrobe might be best to store your clothes and shoes. And if you have not a lot of space on your devices, then try minimalistic apps. If you have any other problems, just remember, “Figure what’s best for you.”. This story was contributed by my son -Dhrubaneel Dutta

Polish Friend

                                      My son with his polish friend at Guwahati Assam