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What can you do to reduce your child's stress on digital hour?

Human beings are highly adaptive in nature so they can able to adapt to the most comfortable regions to a dangerous situation on the earth. As such we are adapting to any situation and children are likely to show more compatibility. We should be rational to engage our children in digital hours. Limit their time and make things more enjoyable.  Give them some attractive work so they can enjoy the moment within four walls.  All parents should give quality time to their children. Maybe you are busy with day-long online meetings keep some time for your children.  Do some run, play basketball, if you have an option then observe different nature creatures around your house.  Raise some potted plants and give request them to observe day to day and note down everything.  If you can sing or play some instruments then good if you don't then try to write some poem and encourage them to write.  Try to develop your own song and compose music.  There are many more options if you want and make li