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Bird watching with telescope #summervacation2024 #fun #birdwatching #par...

Week-1 Day-2 Enjoying Summer vacation by enjoying Bird Watching

Street dogs deserve love too!

Do Elephant Eat Elephant Grass?

What is speciality in the Owl ? #owl #Whatisthebeliefofowl? #Whyowlisf...

Should politics be taught in school

Yes. Children should learn Politics. Children should learn about politics because it is essential for society. As descendants of today's society, as citizens of the future, and as future leaders of our country, it is imperative that all present children to gain a better understanding of politics. Usually, we feel that politics is place for bad human being. That normally discourages us from dreaming of being a leader in future. We also need encouragement to vote when we attain voting age. Learning politics would also help to select suitable candidate to lead our country / Let’s   hope that our children are the best leaders in the world. Authored , Dhurba Neel Dutta (10 years )

“How can I follow a minimalistic lifestyle?” (Son's column)

To follow a minimalistic lifestyle, we need to have a good budget, save money for future expenses, and choose to buy what you think is best. If you have any subscriptions services, then try your best to manage them. If you have a lot of things that you never use, then remove all of that to clean your house, apartment or other living societies. Choose things you actually need to you use, and if you are in a small house a capsule wardrobe might be best to store your clothes and shoes. And if you have not a lot of space on your devices, then try minimalistic apps. If you have any other problems, just remember, “Figure what’s best for you.”. This story was contributed by my son -Dhrubaneel Dutta

Polish Friend

                                      My son with his polish friend at Guwahati Assam   

MuSo: JSW Group Unveils Mumbai's Pioneering Museum of Solutions for Children

Mumbai is now home to a groundbreaking institution designed exclusively for children – the Museum of Solutions, or MuSo. This innovative initiative, spearheaded by the JSW Group, aims to empower children by encouraging them to develop solutions to some of India's most pressing challenges. Nestled in the Lower Parel Area of Mumbai, MuSo spans an expansive 100,000 square feet across seven floors, offering a rich tapestry of exhibitions, activities, engagements, and learning experiences meticulously crafted for children aged three and above. A hallmark of MuSo lies in its incorporation of dynamic interactive spaces, featuring four state-of-the-art labs and a mesmerizing 'mangrove' tunnel. Adorned with enchanting fairy lights, the tunnel serves as a captivating introduction for children to native creatures while imparting valuable lessons about their crucial role in the ecosystem. MuSo, with its multifaceted approach, seeks to provide an immersive and comprehensive platform t

Know children writer VI (Ken Spillman)

Ken Spillman is a renowned Australian author, editor, and critic, widely recognized for his prolific and versatile contributions to literature. With an impressive portfolio of approximately 80 books, translated into around 20 languages, Spillman has made a significant impact on the literary landscape. His literary journey extends beyond borders, and India has been a frequent destination for him. Notably, he has crafted a series of books featuring sharp-witted young Indian characters, showcasing his ability to capture diverse cultural nuances and create relatable stories for readers of all ages. Beyond the pages of his books, Ken Spillman has become a captivating presence for young minds. Having entertained over 90,000 children, his lively presentations delve into the magic of books, emphasizing the gift of imagination, and extolling the numerous benefits of creative thinking. Through these engagements, Spillman goes beyond being an author; he becomes an advocate for the transforma

Breathtaking Beauty Unveiled: The Astonishing Half-Female, Half-Male Bird Captured on Camera in Colombia

In a remarkable discovery, a team of researchers, led by University of Otago zoologist Professor Hamish Spencer, stumbled upon a rare avian wonder during a leisurely holiday in Colombia, a country in northern South America. The unexpected finding unfolded when amateur ornithologist John Murillo alerted the team to the presence of a wild green honeycreeper. What sets this discovery apart is the bird's extraordinary physical characteristic: it is literally half-female and half-male. The left side of its body displays a vibrant green plumage, signifying the female attributes, while the right side boasts a striking blue plumage, indicative of its male characteristics. Capturing this incredible phenomenon on camera, Professor Spencer and Murillo documented the bird's unique appearance for the world to witness. The photographs taken during this unexpected encounter have since catapulted the rare bird into the spotlight, garnering attention and fascination from the scientific comm

A Journey of Discovery: Tales from Manas National Park (travelogue)

Last week, my son and I embarked on an enchanting adventure to the eastern part of   Manas National Park, a haven of biodiversity nestled in the heart of nature's wonders. The air was thick with anticipation as we set foot into the lush wilderness, eager to explore the secrets it held. Our journey took an unexpected turn when, during one of our immersive tracking experiences, we stumbled upon a seemingly ordinary yet intriguing discovery – decayed wild elephant dung. Despite its humble appearance, this find sparked a cascade of curiosity in my son's inquisitive mind. As we examined the remnants of the gentle giants that roam these untamed lands, my son's questions flowed like a river. He observed, wide-eyed, and asked about the creature that left behind this natural artifact. With each inquiry, we delved into the fascinating world of elephants – their habits, their role in the ecosystem, and the intricate web of life they contribute to. Against the backdrop of the vib

Know Children writer -V

Vidya Mani is a multifaceted individual, making significant contributions to the world of children's literature. As an accomplished author, editor, and visionary founder, she wears many hats in the realm of storytelling for young minds. Vidya is the creative force behind Melting Pot, a content and design studio renowned for crafting engaging children's books and magazines. Her work extends beyond commercial endeavors, as she collaborates with both publishers and NGOs to produce literature that not only captivates young readers but also imparts valuable lessons. In addition to her role at Melting Pot, Vidya Mani is the co-founder and chief curator at Funky Rainbow, an independent bookshop and book consultancy based in Bengaluru. At Funky Rainbow, she leads a dedicated team committed to fostering a love for reading among children. The bookstore not only provides a diverse selection of children's literature but also offers a unique space that encourages exploration and discove

Know children writer :IV- Devika Cariapa

  Unearthing  Tales: The Award-Winning Journey of Devika Cariapa, Author and Archaeologist Devika Cariapa, a distinguished author, embarked on a unique journey that seamlessly blends her expertise as an archaeologist with her passion for storytelling. Trained initially in the nuances of archaeology, Cariapa has dedicated herself to making the world of ancient stories accessible to children. Her literary prowess was first recognized with the prestigious Sahitya Akademi's Bal Sahitya Award in 2018 for her debut book. Subsequently, her works continued to garner acclaim, earning her the esteemed Neev Bookture Award in 2021. Notably, her contributions were acknowledged with shortlistings for the Times of India AutHer Award in 2022 and the Neev Book Award in 2022. Devika Cariapa stands as a beacon in the literary realm, skillfully excavating the wonders of the past to captivate young minds and leaving an indelible mark on the world of children's literature. Some of her popular book

Know children writer-III :: Molly Oldfield

The acclaimed children's author often lovingly dubbed ' The Original QI Elf ' is none other than QI Oldfield. Beyond her role as a prolific writer for children, she stands out as a renowned broadcaster, steering the helm of the popular podcast " Everything Under the Sun ." This podcast is a delightful treasure trove where she skillfully answers questions from curious children worldwide. QI Oldfield's academic journey led her through the corridors of Oxford University, where she delved into the realms of Modern History. Transitioning seamlessly into the world of media, she became a distinguished writer and researcher for the BBC television show. Known for her insatiable curiosity and a penchant for the extraordinary, QI Oldfield is a reservoir of unusual facts. Her inquisitive nature has translated into captivating books for children, with titles such as " The Secret Museum: Nadya " and " Wondering of the World's Museums. " Among her lit