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Bedtime stories Part-II

Having bedtime stories is part of both father and son's daily routine. I have told him hundreds of stories that relate to our culture, religion, geography, ancient age, medieval period freedom movement, film and music, science, and technology. I have many favorite stories, including Akbar and Birbal, Sri Krishna's childhood, Assamese Burhi Ai Xadhu, etc. Several times, I repeated the same stories. I also learned the essence of stories by doing some homework. YouTube is the most common platform for learning stories, and 80% of them come from that platform. The rest are from story books and anecdotes. The last couple of years, we have practiced bedtime rituals. I also message his legs and head during storytelling time. While traveling, I continue to maintain this ritual over the phone. Without listening to stories, his eyes would not close. It's a wonderful experience as a father. In addition to developing his brain rapidly, he became emotionally mature after eight and half y

Learning Nature

Recently Deha visited to Manas National Park and try to hands on learn on flower and leaves.