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‘Any man can be father but it takes someone special to be dad’

And as I believe in it, I tried so hard to become a good dad to my child. I tried, again and again, to hold my son properly. I touched those little toes and fingers and imprinted them on my heart. I cooed to him, whispered sweet little nothings and told him how much I love him. I fondly keep him close to my chest so that he can feel his father’s heartbeat. I hummed softly with a mild touch of my warm hands when he was just a few days old. Every night, I would sing lullabies keeping him close to my heart and it felt so great when he would sleep like that.

Being a Daddy

"A baby is born with a need to be loved" Of course, our first child is born with the love, affection and brought lots of joy to us. Yah, being a daddy is one of the very beautiful and proud moments. Like some common says," we never know the love of a parent till we became a parent ourselves'. Having a baby is life changer it changes the conjugal life in many ways. When I first held my son in my arms I felt a tremendous responsibility and joy. A sense of energy being flowed in my nervous system that there is no job important than a parenting". I have spent many fragile moments with my son that I would like to share with my readers the coming days. How I communicate with my sensitive kid with facial expression, every gesture that helped and important learning to all new parents. Parenting is natural things but it still needs lots of learning with compassion.