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Dhemaji M.V. School            In the first September 2019, Neel visited his father's house in Dhemaji. Dhemaji is situated in the northeasternmost corner of Assam. The place is situated in the north bank of the river Brahmaputra and one of the beautiful place in North East India. The entire geographical areas of Dhemaji is crisscrossed by several rivers so flood is a perennial problem in this area. Besides, Dhemaji has many pre-medieval and medieval period historical sites. Malinithan, Habong, Botikur, Maskhowa, Narowathan, Nagakhelia, Chowkham, Silapathar etc are some examples.   Miko and Neel (right back) During colonial period Dhemaji is part of greater North Lakhimpur District with headquarter at Dibrugarh. Due to natural location, Dhemaji seems to be a remote location since past. Previously, educated people from the South Bank visited this place for promotion of education, business, etc.  Neels, Great Great Grand Father(Pandit) Baneswar Das

Rhino Conservation Appeal By Neel

Neel Love animal. He loves birds, rhinos, elephants, butterflies and many ..... He has a deep acquaintance with rhino. He observed that his dad working day and nights to save this animal. In this video, he draws a colorful rhino in his own clipboard and sends the mass message all about to Save the rhino.  On behalf of Neel, I appeal to everyone to say 'Save Rhino' the prehistoric animal of our beautiful world.

Neel First Visit to Museum

Neel was asking to visit a Museum for a long time. He explored the museum on Youtube also seen in the Pawpatrol popular  Nick Junior TV Channel children program. Recently he has learning lot from the Ryan Youtube Channel.  We visited The Assam State Museum situated at Guwahati a state capital of Assam. This is a prime location and one of the most famous places to visit in Assam. This is very big and full of knowledge and information. Thus we decided to spent our first day at the museum only in the cultural section of Assam. Where nicely displayed different cultural models of Assam. Neel's mother explained him different cultural events of Assam according to models.  Neel enjoyed his first visit to the museum. Will share more on his views on the recent future.  Disclaimer: We took proper permission for the photography inside the museum.