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Learning Nature Through Musical Chair Game

Music is life itself. Music makes happy to all age group of people. Popular music may be the right tool to teach different subjects to young kids. This is about a musical chair game where the instructor supposed to play popular music around a group of chairs.  It would be enjoyable if more than eight children of 5-6 age group may participate. This game may be suitable to play to celebrate World Environment Day, World Earth Day, World Elephant Day, World Rhino Day, etc. Thorugh the game instructor or organizer may sensitize the children about challenges faced by wildlife due to the shrinking ecological system. Material required Chairs for the children  Popular music and player Open space to play the game If the game will be arranged at night please arrange proper lighting facilities Preparation Arrange two series of chairs back to back alternatively  Place one line of chairs with the alternate chair facing in the opposite direction  Music system Procedure  Provide a play card of the wil