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Wild Adventure

Eye of Elephant  Neel often finds the opportunity to visit National Parks and encounter wildlife. Recently Neel earned lots of adventurous experiences to visit in Manas National Park. It was the last week of September and the day was raining. The day was cold and we took a jeep with a rooftop. Usually, wild animals are active in pleasant (slightly cold with rain) weather. The elephant, rhino are normally inactive full noon on a sunny day. and they are observing to act in actively the early morning and evening. As expected, we found different species of the animal during our safari. We sighted birds, deer, rhinos, elephants, and buffalos. We encountered an elephant herd in the Latajhar area . Neel was so excited to locate the elephant herd. He loves to see small elephant claves playing with older ones. We stopped our jeep on a safe distance and enjoy the behavior of the elephant herd. I request Neel not to make noise as the elephant able to detect very-low-frequ