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Doul Mahotshav:: Adorable Festival of Barpeta

Neel's Mom Puspanjalee with Doul Color Barpeta Doul Mahotshav is a famous festival in Assam. I feel all of Barpetian's hearts connected with Doul Mohotsov. This Mahotsav is celebrated with full of joy, traditional gaiety, and enthusiasm. It is also a welcome festival of the spring season with color and happiness. In  Doull Mohotsav all Barpetians forget their day to day hardship of life and mingled themselves in the Wave of Holigeet .  I have a remarkable experience of listening to Holigeet during Doul. From children to octogenarian enjoyed with Holigeet  every corner of Barpeta Town. It is a mesmerizing experience to hear reverberating Drum sound -  Dhin Dhina Dhin  at midnight from the enthusiast youth groups with Holigeet.   Great Vaisnavite saint Sri  Sri Srimanta Sankardev first started Doul Utsav in Bardowa. This festival was created based on Lord Krishna Falgu Utsav.  In Barpeta, Mathura Das Bura Ata first celebrated Doul. The Doul festival celebrate

Neels Drawing from 1-7th March 2019

Presently Neel inclination on drawing towards famous Avenger Characters-like -Captain America, Hamaky, Spider-Man, Avenger Mess: Neel likes to draw about Avengers and Thanos battle for survival.    2. Spider's House Here Neel like to put his thought about Spider's House and his relationship with other counterparts. 3. Lady Bug  & Cone Cat This is Ladybug and Cone Cat Building where they reside. 

The Avengers Posture

 The Avengers Posture  Recently Neel is in love with the Avengers. He likes to pose in such a way that resemblance with the Avengers. I have taken these images when we went shopping.  This was a surprising moment's for me that shy kid is now posing as Avengers. He was insisting to click all the time to take the different pose.