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A Day at India and Bhutan International Border

Neel on the India & Bhutan Border Piller Mathanguri India and Bhutan landlocked country. Since past both the country connected with each other through socio-culturally. Still, we have a good relationship with each other. Recently Neel visited Mathanguri where one International Border Piller Existed. So he insisted to wish both the country people with a smile. As Bhutan is the happiest country in the world so let this happiness prevail forever and Indian also inspire with Bhutanese happiness attitude. Two nation is now celebrated 50 years of friendship relationship. We hope this relationship will maintain for thousands of years.

Neel's Bicycle-Pebble Art| DIY Art Activity for Kids

Neel's Bicycle-Pebble Art This is an interesting fun game anyone may try with their kids. Interested persons need some odd shape pebbles , sand to give support and one wooden or bamboo stick to draw or sketch on the floor.  Steps:  1. First, draw a bicycle on the floor with a wooden or bamboo stick.  2. On the concrete floor, you may draw with turmeric or wheat powder.  3.  Put same size pebbles one after another in the bicycle drawing. Guide the kid to put the pebbles on the drawing. 4. Finally, you clean up the area and take one photograph with your partner kid. 5. It hardly needs 1 hour to complete the  Pebble Art. You may invite your family member, friend to enjoy the activity or you can arrange one exhibition in your house with different types of pebble structures.  Neel  with his creation

70th Republic Day of India

On occasion of 70th Republic Day of India, I wish everyone Happy Republic Day.  A Thousand Salutes to this Great Nation of ours. May it become even more prosperous and great.  Happy Republic Day all of you again. 

Holiday Moments with Neel

Recently, I spent some happy and quality moments with my son Neel. We ran in our backyard, jumped into ponds, counted birds, climbed trees and enjoyed a lot. Above all, I arranged some games and simple activities so that my son  and his cousins could learn the following basic things: 1. Activity to learn the Assamese Language  (অসমীয়া ভাষা ), 2.   Community and Sharing Activity,  3.  The relationship Activity,   4.  Cleaning and Sanitation Activity,  5.  Basic of Yoga Activity. 1.  Activity to Learn Neel's Mother Tongue   (the Assamese Language অসমীয়া ভাষা ) I have created 50 small circles in our flower garden at a distance of 1-foot. I wrote all the Assamese alphabet chronologically and then guided Neel to jump from one after another and back again. I encouraged him to sing the Assamese alphabet song I prepared for him. He was so pleased to play this activity and jump more than 10 times over each circle and finally got the idea of the Assamese alphabet. He felt