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Holiday Moments with Neel

Recently, I spent some happy and quality moments with my son Neel. We ran in our backyard, jumped into ponds, counted birds, climbed trees and enjoyed a lot. Above all, I arranged some games and simple activities so that my son  and his cousins could learn the following basic things:

1.Activity to learn the Assamese Language (অসমীয়া ভাষা ), 2.  Community and Sharing Activity, 3. The relationship Activity,  4. Cleaning and Sanitation Activity, 5. Basic of Yoga Activity.

1. Activity to Learn Neel's Mother Tongue (the Assamese Language অসমীয়া ভাষা )

I have created 50 small circles in our flower garden at a distance of 1-foot. I wrote all the Assamese alphabet chronologically and then guided Neel to jump from one after another and back again. I encouraged him to sing the Assamese alphabet song I prepared for him. He was so pleased to play this activity and jump more than 10 times over each circle and finally got the idea of the Assamese alphabet. He felt happy and guided his cousins to play the same.

2. Community and Sharing Activity

The present day's children grow almost isolated. They are raised more or less single handly so sometimes they are unable to understand social needs outside there family and school campus. Thus, they need extra care and freedom to learn Community and Sharing knowledge from simple tricks and games. 

For this activity, I invited all of his cousins for two days to our home and gave them some responsibility. I gave them 10 water-color paint pots and one old Amazon Children Furniture Packaging Material Card Board as a blank canvas to draw as they like. I encouraged them to share space and paint with each other. Surprisingly, they have drawn some beautiful drawing and painted with the different shades. They even tried to put their names along each drawing. 

Following this activity, Neel and his cousins started to search for more canvas from our house storehouse and put effort to paint some beautiful abstract painting in a similar way. I was amazed to see their interest. Now my son Neel recalled these moments repeatedly and requests me to arrange similar activity with his friends as earliest. This activity gave us much fun and enjoyment. We stored this canvas for future use. 

3.  The Relationship Activity

Recently, we prepared a list of our close friends, relatives and decided to visit their home, during the vacation period.

 First, we visited one of our cousin brothers in Bangalore in Southern India. We traveled by air and Neel curiously observed each step of air travel and happy to receive fondly behavior of both Airways (Air Asia and Jet Airways). Our cousin Gunjar Das (Babudada) received us at Bangalore airport. The Bangalore Airpor is regarded as best managed and beautiful Airport in India. We had our delicious lunch prepared by our sister in law at the parking space without entering a nearby restaurant. Neel was apprehensive to his uncle for a few minutes and requested us to go nearby restaurant to have food.

 But my wife and I continuously conversed with Babudada as if we meet him every day. He asked about all of our family members and started to eat a delicious lunch with joy.  As a result of our normal behavior, Neel became confident and started interacting with his uncle and finally demanded chocolate in our two-hour journey from Airport to his residence. We were welcomed by our sister-in-law and their daughter Jiya. Jiya and Neel interacted with each other at the doorstep with full of confidence.     

We spent about one week in Bangalore and we enjoyed a lot. Neel and Jiya interacted and played from the dawn to dusk. We celebrated Diwali and took 4 short tours in nearby tourist places of Bangalore city. Following that visit, we visited our other close friends and gave Neel the opportunity to extend his small world. I believe these efforts might boost up the confidence of Neel to build a relationship with his close friends and relatives.

4. Cleaning and Sanitation Activity    

I always clean my reading desk, arranged reading books, Neel's toys and playing space, sweeping all our rooms and our vehicle. This 30 minutes ritual is a must before the start of my day. I used three tools for this purpose- one broom, one large size paint brush, one cloth duster. Now I have two sets of items one for me and one for Neel to follow the same rituals.

I always keep one sanitizer in my car and used as required. Now Neel follows the same things. He always bath, brush his teeth, washed his hand before and after eating. 

5. Basic of Yoga Activity

One hour freehand exercise and yoga is my another daily ritual. I love to do this activity with popular songs. In holidays, I do more than two hours of exercise.  Neel is now my Yoga partner. He chooses my songs, counts my steps. Sometimes he reminds me of some important steps. Sometimes Neel would not ready to do indoor exercise so we took outdoor ran to complacent indoor exercise. 

I look forward to a response from my dear readers. Your response is our soul of encouragement. What type of activity you do with your kids? How do you manage to teach simple habits to your children? Please share in the comments section.


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