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Neel's Bicycle-Pebble Art| DIY Art Activity for Kids

Neel's Bicycle-Pebble Art

This is an interesting fun game anyone may try with their kids. Interested persons need some odd shape pebbles, sand to give support and one wooden or bamboo stick to draw or sketch on the floor.


 1. First, draw a bicycle on the floor with a wooden or bamboo stick.

 2. On the concrete floor, you may draw with turmeric or wheat powder.

 3.  Put same size pebbles one after another in the bicycle drawing. Guide the kid to put the pebbles on the drawing.

4. Finally, you clean up the area and take one photograph with your partner kid.

5. It hardly needs 1 hour to complete the Pebble Art.

You may invite your family member, friend to enjoy the activity or you can arrange one exhibition in your house with different types of pebble structures. 

Neel  with his creation


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