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The Two Faced Childhood

  The story I am going to share is from ten years ago. I was a full-time researcher then, doing my research on translocated rhinos at Manas National Park, Assam.  I and my team is commonly known in the nearby area as the IRV2020 team (Indian Rhino Vision 2020), a program designed by the Government of Assam for long time survival of the rhinos in the 7 protected areas of Assam.  I was fortunate enough to be part of it.  Every day, we used to venture out for the rhinos in the early morning and return during the late afternoon or evening from the jungle. There was no place for leisure or to hang out with my friends and families.  So, I often visited the evening market with my colleagues. It was a great pleasure to have piping hot milk tea with pakora and samosa. We did not have the refrigerator to preserve the vegetables so we had to buy them every day from the local market. One day, I brought some vegetables from a teenage boy. The boy easily persuaded us to buy his produce. I appreciate