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Flying high & Flying Kite

Flying kites is a healthy and mental relaxing activity. As a human everyone perhaps has an inherent aspiration to fly the sky. Flying kite may be an expression of human flying urge into the sky. This aspiration is also symbolizing freedom. So flying kite activity may be the most popular hobby all across the world. Originally it is evolving  from China around 470B.C. Chinese used kites to send messages to find enemies. It is also used on fishing, sailing ships, and many occasions. In the Hindu culture flying kite has a special occasion. On the day of Makar Shankanti people generally fly kite to aspire their wishes. The festival spirit is showcased by flying the kites as high as possible. The jubilant mode and early morning kite fly helped people to rejuvenate. In the past kite made up of light bamboo, leaves, cloths similar light items. Now kite is made up of cloth, paper, and plastic material with multicolor and shapes. Usually, open space, light breeze, and sunny wea

Bedtime stories

As parents, we are always busy with different levels of work. Official, household chores, social communications, and many more. We have limited time to warm up our bonding. Despite my busy schedule, I managed time for Neel's (my son) bedtime.  Neel's bedtime started at 8:30-9:30pm. Before fall asleep both of us interact about numerous topics. First 10-15 minutes we discuss an imaginary world that is Hot wheel cars, Airplanes, SMART house, Space station, Dinosaurs, Dragon, Solar systems, and many more. Thereafter I started to tell some short stories that give him morale to his inquisitive mind for about 5-8 minutes. Finally, I sing lullabies cuddle over a hand. Normally I sing only one lullaby but sometimes more than two songs. Simultaneously I also massage his foot, head, and hand. I often massage the back and whole body for his ultimate relaxation. This is the precious moment of both of us or Ourtime . This may be reciprocal and I also feel ultimate relaxation.

DIY Stone Bicycle | Kids Activities | Lockdown Activities for Kids

This is an interesting fun game anyone may try with their kids. Interested persons need some   odd shape pebbles ,   sand to give support,   and one   wooden or bamboo stick to draw or sketch on the floor.  Steps:  1. First, draw a bicycle on the floor with a wooden or bamboo stick.  2. On the concrete floor, you may draw with turmeric or wheat powder.  3.  Put same size pebbles one after another in the bicycle drawing. Guide the kid to put the pebbles on the drawing. 4. Finally, you clean up the area and take one photograph with your partner kid. 5. It hardly needs 1 hour to complete the  Pebble Art. You may invite your family member, friend to enjoy the activity or you can arrange one exhibition in your house with different types of pebble structures. 

kids love dinosaurs!!

Daddy have you been in Dinosaur's Age?? Neel love to learn different information in the encyclopedia. After finishing Dinosaur's chapter he has started to ask many questions on dinosaurs. One of the surprising questions was Deta (Daddy) have you been in the age of the dinosaurs? Have you seen dinosaurs etc. I have taught him as much as possible about dinosaurs please follow our interactions in our youtube channel Deta & Deha . During interactions I told Neel different species of dinosaurs.  With neck as long as 11m(36ft) and body size of busses, Sauropods were the most gigantic dinosaurs to roam throughout the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods, 200 to 65 million years ago. These giant vegetarians were able to browse leaves high up in trees and their size deterred predators. Neel asked me water dinosaurs, flying dinosaurs, aquatic dinosaurs, and finally most dangerous flash eater T-rex. I am explaining one after another but I have one question in my

Life during the Corona Lockdown

I hope everyone is safe, and sound during this COVID-19 chaos. In India, we are in lockdown since 24th of March 2020. Today is the last day of the third phase of lockdown but the prevalence of COVID19 is yet to decrease. Besides my work from home stress, I spent quality time with my son, Neel. Every morning and evening, we are playing on the terrace and playing lots of games. We have started a youtube channel and Facebook page  and getting much response from our valuable audiences. We also received much applauded from different sections of society. Today I would like to place one of our episodes for your enjoyment. This episode is based on Assamese Poem and Neel tries to learn this one after another. Hope this crisis would be over soon. May almighty save everyone from this crisis and give a chance to enjoy a beautiful life.

Know About Indian National Bird

Dear Neel I hope you are doing well. Today I am writing about a colorful and beautiful National Bird of India. I hope you feel great to know about our natural heritage.....About Peacock or Peafowl. The Indian peafowl is the national bird of India. Peacock is inordinately entangling with Indian culture & history. It is the resident of India, southeast Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan. They are long and slender with a long face that has black and white colors on it. They have a short and sharp bill. They tend to be very social and their groups are referred to as parties.   They will also do well isolated, but it is usually the older males that aren’t with a group. The Male has a blue neck and breast and spectacular glossy green train. Significantly, the long ‘tail’ of peacock known as a ‘train’. The train consist of highly elongated tail coverts. The train of it can take up more than 40% of the overall body. The females lack elongated upper tail coverts; has whitish