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kids love dinosaurs!!

Daddy have you been in Dinosaur's Age?? Neel love to learn different information in the encyclopedia. After finishing Dinosaur's chapter he has started to ask many questions on dinosaurs. One of the surprising questions was Deta (Daddy) have you been in the age of the dinosaurs? Have you seen dinosaurs etc. I have taught him as much as possible about dinosaurs please follow our interactions in our youtube channel Deta & Deha.

During interactions I told Neel different species of dinosaurs.  With neck as long as 11m(36ft) and body size of busses, Sauropods were the most gigantic dinosaurs to roam throughout the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods, 200 to 65 million years ago. These giant vegetarians were able to browse leaves high up in trees and their size deterred predators.

Neel asked me water dinosaurs, flying dinosaurs, aquatic dinosaurs, and finally most dangerous flash eater T-rex. I am explaining one after another but I have one question in my mind Why kids love dinosaurs? As far as my knowledge all kids love dinosaurs. They also love dinosaurs toys. 

According to the 2008 study found that kids in relation to dinosaurs sustained intense interest, particularly create a conceptual domain. This may help them to increased knowledge and persistence a better attention span and deeper information-processing skills. In short, dinosaurs make kids better learners and smarter kids. I hope my  Neel is becoming a 'Tiny Paleontologist'. 


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