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Life during the Corona Lockdown

I hope everyone is safe, and sound during this COVID-19 chaos.

In India, we are in lockdown since 24th of March 2020. Today is the last day of the third phase of lockdown but the prevalence of COVID19 is yet to decrease.

Besides my work from home stress, I spent quality time with my son, Neel. Every morning and evening, we are playing on the terrace and playing lots of games.

We have started a youtube channel and Facebook page and getting much response from our valuable audiences. We also received much applauded from different sections of society.

Today I would like to place one of our episodes for your enjoyment. This episode is based on Assamese Poem and Neel tries to learn this one after another.

Hope this crisis would be over soon. May almighty save everyone from this crisis and give a chance to enjoy a beautiful life.


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