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ক ফলা শিকো আহাঁ। Let's Learn Assamese with Deta & Deha

     I would like to teach the Assamese language (Neel's mother tongue) as much as possible in-home. Same things I have tried to promote for interested other people to learn the Assamese language through the youtube channel. I feel happy if you look and encourage my effort. 

পদ্য পঢ়োঁ আহা -2 | Assamese Rhymes with Deta & Deha

I have a dream to be the best daddy. I want to teach my son about my own culture and language. I, therefore, started a new feature with my son ' Deta and Deha'.  In this video, I would like to feature how to recite the Assamese poem. I shall be happy if my readers would like my effort.