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School Mahotsov

I have appeared Neel's second annual school day on 5th December 2019. I was happy and enthusiastic to appear in the annual day auditorium venue at District Libray, Guwahati, Assam. It was a colorful arrangement thonged with teachers, parents, invited dignitaries. All tiny kids dressed differently to perform different events. Kids were delighted inside the auditorium with their parents, teachers and other guests. Neel was much excited to have me and his mother together to his school event. Neel's all-time favorite friend Mr.Sarik and his other peers surrounded us and complement each other.  The theme of the program was the Our Own Culture and the annual day program was designed traditionally. Neel wore  dhuti pant  and a white T-shirt. They have first performed a chorus song of Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. Song was Rong Rong Nana Rong  . Following the program, they performed Jhumur dance . Jhumur dance is a traditional dance of the tea tribe community of

Wild Adventure

Eye of Elephant  Neel often finds the opportunity to visit National Parks and encounter wildlife. Recently Neel earned lots of adventurous experiences to visit in Manas National Park. It was the last week of September and the day was raining. The day was cold and we took a jeep with a rooftop. Usually, wild animals are active in pleasant (slightly cold with rain) weather. The elephant, rhino are normally inactive full noon on a sunny day. and they are observing to act in actively the early morning and evening. As expected, we found different species of the animal during our safari. We sighted birds, deer, rhinos, elephants, and buffalos. We encountered an elephant herd in the Latajhar area . Neel was so excited to locate the elephant herd. He loves to see small elephant claves playing with older ones. We stopped our jeep on a safe distance and enjoy the behavior of the elephant herd. I request Neel not to make noise as the elephant able to detect very-low-frequ

ক ফলা শিকো আহাঁ। Let's Learn Assamese with Deta & Deha

     I would like to teach the Assamese language (Neel's mother tongue) as much as possible in-home. Same things I have tried to promote for interested other people to learn the Assamese language through the youtube channel. I feel happy if you look and encourage my effort. 

পদ্য পঢ়োঁ আহা -2 | Assamese Rhymes with Deta & Deha

I have a dream to be the best daddy. I want to teach my son about my own culture and language. I, therefore, started a new feature with my son ' Deta and Deha'.  In this video, I would like to feature how to recite the Assamese poem. I shall be happy if my readers would like my effort.
Dhemaji M.V. School            In the first September 2019, Neel visited his father's house in Dhemaji. Dhemaji is situated in the northeasternmost corner of Assam. The place is situated in the north bank of the river Brahmaputra and one of the beautiful place in North East India. The entire geographical areas of Dhemaji is crisscrossed by several rivers so flood is a perennial problem in this area. Besides, Dhemaji has many pre-medieval and medieval period historical sites. Malinithan, Habong, Botikur, Maskhowa, Narowathan, Nagakhelia, Chowkham, Silapathar etc are some examples.   Miko and Neel (right back) During colonial period Dhemaji is part of greater North Lakhimpur District with headquarter at Dibrugarh. Due to natural location, Dhemaji seems to be a remote location since past. Previously, educated people from the South Bank visited this place for promotion of education, business, etc.  Neels, Great Great Grand Father(Pandit) Baneswar Das

Rhino Conservation Appeal By Neel

Neel Love animal. He loves birds, rhinos, elephants, butterflies and many ..... He has a deep acquaintance with rhino. He observed that his dad working day and nights to save this animal. In this video, he draws a colorful rhino in his own clipboard and sends the mass message all about to Save the rhino.  On behalf of Neel, I appeal to everyone to say 'Save Rhino' the prehistoric animal of our beautiful world.

Neel First Visit to Museum

Neel was asking to visit a Museum for a long time. He explored the museum on Youtube also seen in the Pawpatrol popular  Nick Junior TV Channel children program. Recently he has learning lot from the Ryan Youtube Channel.  We visited The Assam State Museum situated at Guwahati a state capital of Assam. This is a prime location and one of the most famous places to visit in Assam. This is very big and full of knowledge and information. Thus we decided to spent our first day at the museum only in the cultural section of Assam. Where nicely displayed different cultural models of Assam. Neel's mother explained him different cultural events of Assam according to models.  Neel enjoyed his first visit to the museum. Will share more on his views on the recent future.  Disclaimer: We took proper permission for the photography inside the museum.

Helicopter Parenting: let free our child to develop their own

Helicopter Parenting or Cosseting Parent or simply Cosseter is modern aged parenting terminology.  This metaphor of parenting was appeared as early as 1969 in the best selling book  "Between Parents and Teenagers" by Dr. Haim Ginott. Who mentioned briefly about mother hovering to her child alike helicopter. Later on, Foster Cline and Jim Fay coined the term 'Helicopter Parenting' in the year 1990.   Helicopter parenting means a parent who takes overprotective or excessive interest in the life of their child. Since there is no limit to how much people will do for their kid but still it requires a certain limit. Generational Demographer Neil Howe described helicopter parenting as the parenting style of Baby Boomer. Helicopter parents attempt to ensure their children on a path to success by paving it for them. The rising of helicopter parenting coincides with two social shifts. The first was the comparatively booming economy of the 1990s with low unemp

Fatherhood is a Brilliant Experience

Fatherhood is a brilliant experience . Though this relationship is not discussed as much as compared to motherhood. 'Fatherhood' may be a divine creation. I am fortunate enough that I am a father of five years energetic, inquisitive kid (Neel). I would like to elaborate some of my lively moments with my son Neel. I often stay outside due to the profession. I am a conservationist and wildlife biologist. So my job profile indicated my limited time for a son. However, when I reached home I invariably spent time with Neel. I spent almost 80% of the time with Neel at my home. I try to obey Neel's every command and request. We play, sing, arranging our rooms, looking clouds in the azure sky or sometimes bright moonlight and stars at night.  I love to pick Neel's tiny fingers on an evening stroll as I love to pick my departed father's finger in my childhood. We enjoy our ' MeTime ' running on the road, playing basketball, creating pebble a

Neel's Busy Moments

Neel is always busy. Full of energy. Now I have seen Neel's extraordinary energy for about 14 hours every day. He feels that I have to prepare his full 14 hours working schedule. Neel wakes up around 7:30 am and after freshening up for about 15 minutes he likes to drag our workout mat to our television room. The television room is our regular work out place. We work out for about half an hour than with a rash he gets bath then have breakfast and goes to school in the school van. On return, he likes to see some of his favorite TV serial Paw Patrol and other some favorite in Nick Junior Channels . He took some break and started to draw some favorite drawing for about 1-2 hours. Following that activity, he likes to play with his toys. In the evening he normally goes to bed around 9:30pm with full of energy. He loves to listen to different stories at those moments so I keep ready some of the beautiful stories for his every day. Finally, he undergoes sound sleep and ends some b

Happy Earth Day 2019.

When a species goes extinct, it disappears from its ecosystem, leaving ripple effects on the species left behind. Once this has happened there is no turning back and the extinct species is lost to the world forever. In consideration of World Earth Day-2019 motto 'Protect Our Species',  I would like to appeal everyone to join hands together to protect our threatened species of the Earth for our all-new generations. There are countless reasons why it is important to protect the huge variety of species on our planet. They have enormous value to humans, the other plants and animals in their ecosystems. Let’s raise your voice and contribute to protecting our threatened flora and fauna.

Doul Mahotshav:: Adorable Festival of Barpeta

Neel's Mom Puspanjalee with Doul Color Barpeta Doul Mahotshav is a famous festival in Assam. I feel all of Barpetian's hearts connected with Doul Mohotsov. This Mahotsav is celebrated with full of joy, traditional gaiety, and enthusiasm. It is also a welcome festival of the spring season with color and happiness. In  Doull Mohotsav all Barpetians forget their day to day hardship of life and mingled themselves in the Wave of Holigeet .  I have a remarkable experience of listening to Holigeet during Doul. From children to octogenarian enjoyed with Holigeet  every corner of Barpeta Town. It is a mesmerizing experience to hear reverberating Drum sound -  Dhin Dhina Dhin  at midnight from the enthusiast youth groups with Holigeet.   Great Vaisnavite saint Sri  Sri Srimanta Sankardev first started Doul Utsav in Bardowa. This festival was created based on Lord Krishna Falgu Utsav.  In Barpeta, Mathura Das Bura Ata first celebrated Doul. The Doul festival celebrate

Neels Drawing from 1-7th March 2019

Presently Neel inclination on drawing towards famous Avenger Characters-like -Captain America, Hamaky, Spider-Man, Avenger Mess: Neel likes to draw about Avengers and Thanos battle for survival.    2. Spider's House Here Neel like to put his thought about Spider's House and his relationship with other counterparts. 3. Lady Bug  & Cone Cat This is Ladybug and Cone Cat Building where they reside. 

The Avengers Posture

 The Avengers Posture  Recently Neel is in love with the Avengers. He likes to pose in such a way that resemblance with the Avengers. I have taken these images when we went shopping.  This was a surprising moment's for me that shy kid is now posing as Avengers. He was insisting to click all the time to take the different pose.

DIY: A Four Seasons Tree Making Activity for Kids

Neel and Saurik with Four  Seasons Tree Gift Neel has a best friend called Saurik. I have noticed that their bond of friendship has been improving day after day. They even manage time to wish a good night before bed over the phone and little happening stories.  I feel a bit of relief that my introvert kid is now opening up to his peers.  Final Pieces of Four Seasons Tree When I grew up without having a close friend. Sometimes, I really feel envious on people who have a good friend. But I am so happy that my kid has this beautiful friendship with his classmate. To help them to mingle better, I helped Neel to prepare a special gift for his friend. Through this activity, I would like to teach you - Sharing for a Friend We prepared a tree made with a chart paper. This activity was to teach my child the love of sharing. Kids are rather reluctant to share their toys but this time, Neel happily agreed to share the paper tree with his best friend. He was