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School Mahotsov

I have appeared Neel's second annual school day on 5th December 2019. I was happy and enthusiastic to appear in the annual day auditorium venue at District Libray, Guwahati, Assam. It was a colorful arrangement thonged with teachers, parents, invited dignitaries. All tiny kids dressed differently to perform different events. Kids were delighted inside the auditorium with their parents, teachers and other guests. Neel was much excited to have me and his mother together to his school event. Neel's all-time favorite friend Mr.Sarik and his other peers surrounded us and complement each other. 

The theme of the program was the Our Own Culture and the annual day program was designed traditionally. Neel wore dhuti pant and a white T-shirt. They have first performed a chorus song of Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. Song was Rong Rong Nana Rong . Following the program, they performed Jhumur dance. Jhumur dance is a traditional dance of the tea tribe community of Assam.

Neel's mom has participated in a group dance with 10 other mothers. They have performed a traditional dance with support of music composition. It was the best entertainment of the day and all the audiences hailing all mom's performance specially Puspanjalee(Neel's Mom). 

The entire program was beautiful and entertaining. But I felt something lacking in the program design. 

  • As this is a school annual day so school authority may display a glance of overall all year event though simple powerpoint or a video.
  • Puspanjalee(Neel's mom)
  • All the programs designed with playback music instead of these programs may include group recitation, storytelling drama so and so.

Finally, I love this school very much where Neel's tiny finger learns to draw figures and letters. he got first exposure outside world through this school. Neel will admit to another school from the next year for the higher class. Time is flying I still remember the weeping eyes of Neel in the assembly and year after well-groomed jolly and happy boy.

 I wish all the best for Kidzee Narengi. We are forever remembering you. 


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