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Neel's Busy Moments

Neel is always busy. Full of energy. Now I have seen Neel's extraordinary energy for about 14 hours every day. He feels that I have to prepare his full 14 hours working schedule. Neel wakes up around 7:30 am and after freshening up for about 15 minutes he likes to drag our workout mat to our television room. The television room is our regular work out place. We work out for about half an hour than with a rash he gets bath then have breakfast and goes to school in the school van. On return, he likes to see some of his favorite TV serial Paw Patrol and other some favorite in Nick Junior Channels . He took some break and started to draw some favorite drawing for about 1-2 hours. Following that activity, he likes to play with his toys. In the evening he normally goes to bed around 9:30pm with full of energy. He loves to listen to different stories at those moments so I keep ready some of the beautiful stories for his every day. Finally, he undergoes sound sleep and ends some b

Happy Earth Day 2019.

When a species goes extinct, it disappears from its ecosystem, leaving ripple effects on the species left behind. Once this has happened there is no turning back and the extinct species is lost to the world forever. In consideration of World Earth Day-2019 motto 'Protect Our Species',  I would like to appeal everyone to join hands together to protect our threatened species of the Earth for our all-new generations. There are countless reasons why it is important to protect the huge variety of species on our planet. They have enormous value to humans, the other plants and animals in their ecosystems. Let’s raise your voice and contribute to protecting our threatened flora and fauna.