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The global economy could be benefited by investing in childhood skills

 A recent publication from the World Economic Forum highlighted the following five skills that present-generation kids need to develop in order to be successful in the future: 1.  Creativity - The ability to solve problems in meaningful ways and to think imaginatively across disciplines. 2. Digital skills - The ability to master new forms of digital techs especially algorithm design and data handling. 3. Collaboration - The ability to work with others to perform a complex task and to adjust your actions in relation to other people's needs. 4. Global citizenship - A universal respect for people from other cultures and willingness to embrace diversity, equality, and inclusion. 5. Environmental Stewardship - Understandings of the fragility and finiteness of natural ecosystems and how we can interact with them in sustainable ways  Children's skills may contribute to their development into successful, well-rounded adults and may also contribute to the global economy, as well as cre