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Doul Mahotshav:: Adorable Festival of Barpeta

Neel's Mom Puspanjalee with Doul Color

Barpeta Doul Mahotshav is a famous festival in Assam. I feel all of Barpetian's hearts connected with Doul Mohotsov. This Mahotsav is celebrated with full of joy, traditional gaiety, and enthusiasm. It is also a welcome festival of the spring season with color and happiness. In  Doull Mohotsav all Barpetians forget their day to day hardship of life and mingled themselves in the Wave of Holigeet.

 I have a remarkable experience of listening to Holigeet during Doul. From children to octogenarian enjoyed with Holigeet every corner of Barpeta Town. It is a mesmerizing experience to hear reverberating Drum sound - Dhin Dhina Dhin at midnight from the enthusiast youth groups with Holigeet. 

Great Vaisnavite saint Sri  Sri Srimanta Sankardev first started Doul Utsav in Bardowa. This festival was created based on Lord Krishna Falgu Utsav. 

In Barpeta, Mathura Das Bura Ata first celebrated Doul. The Doul festival celebrated from 3-5 days. The three days Doul is called 'Burha Doul' and  4-5 days is called 'Deka Doul'. The Burha Doul celebrated in the full moon of Assamese Chat mah (the last month of Assamese year) and Deka Doul celebrated in the full moon of Fagun mah(Last second month of Assamese calendar). The first day of Doul Mohotsav is called as Gandha or Banhutsava. The second day of Doul is called as Bhar Doul and the last day is called Phakua or Suweri.  Each day, lots of traditional rituals celebrated in relation with Barpeta Satra's main deity Koila Gosai or Koila Baba (Lord Krishan). This is brief of Doul Motosav of Barpeta. 

Previously this festival was only confined to Barpeta or disciples of Barpeta Satra. Presently, due to development of mass media, the increasing trend to concern on own culture of greater Assamese community Doul festival is spread far and wide and now it is honored as one of the major festivals of Assam. So pilgrims from all over Assam visit Barpeta to celebrate Doul. Besides many national and international tourists also visit to enjoy this festival.

My wife belongs to Barpeta and naturally, she loves to come home every year to celebrate it. This year, we had a great time at Barpeta with Neel and all other family members. Neel loves the colors. He spent his two-thirds of daily routine with color. I would like to teach him hDoul becomes a favorite festival he has experienced in the last three years. Hope another 2-3 years he will able to sing Holigeet during Holi Season at Barpeta. This is also a part of learning outside of school about our vivid culture and society. 
Now color has influenced our culture and society. Thus

Let's enjoy Holi visit Barpeta during Doul where you can understand colorful festival with love and unity. 

                                                                   ' Happy Holi'


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