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DIY: A Four Seasons Tree Making Activity for Kids

Neel and Saurik with Four  Seasons Tree Gift
Neel has a best friend called Saurik. I have noticed that their bond of friendship has been improving day after day. They even manage time to wish a good night before bed over the phone and little happening stories.  I feel a bit of relief that my introvert kid is now opening up to his peers. 

Final Pieces of Four Seasons Tree
When I grew up without having a close friend. Sometimes, I really feel envious on people who have a good friend. But I am so happy that my kid has this beautiful friendship with his classmate.

To help them to mingle better, I helped Neel to prepare a special gift for his friend. Through this activity, I would like to teach you -Sharing for a Friend

We prepared a tree made with a chart paper. This activity was to teach my child the love of sharing. Kids are rather reluctant to share their toys but this time, Neel happily agreed to share the paper tree with his best friend. He was excited enough as we started our project on our floor. 

Here is how you can create a four season tree made with chart papers. 

  • For four season tree, we arranged two colors (Blue and White)  papers. 
  • I cut the papers with a size of 10X6 cm size.
  •  Following that, I drew outlines of four seasons tree with a pencil. 
  • Then I guide Neel to draw each component of drawing with different shades.
  •  Neel was excited enough and put his little finger with color pencil rapidly.

    Rainbow tree of four season tree

    Spring Season Side 
  • Finally, I cut the papers on the outline and stick them all four following pattern and now his little Four Season friendship Tree is ready for his friend. 

Neel Busy with  his  drawing 

Today off lately he has offered his first gift to his best friend Saurik and took some beautiful photos with this gift. I hope Saurik also enjoyed this gift. I wish their friendship lasts forever.   


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