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Letting My Child's Imagination Fly!

There is an artist in every child. As a parent, I have always believed that this image must remain in my child forever. 

Keeping this mind, I have encouraged Neel since he was only two and a half years old. He is turning 5 this March and still showing great love for any kind of art. 

From this week onward, I am documenting Neel's activities so that when he grows up, he would remember to let his inner child live in him. 

A glimpse of  Neels day with Cousins
Neel draws as he imagines and sees the real world.  I believe everything he draws and paints he believe as the real world. He also tries to persuade me it as the real world. I have observed his artwork evolution phase from a simple straight line to become complex figures. I, therefore, encouraged him all the time to draw and paint what he like and explain what he thinks about the work. 

About this week(3-9 Feb 2019) Neel's artwork.

This week he has painted more than 20 drawing. He helped me to choose three of his drawings in this post.  

The following lines are written as told by our son. All the words were written by him only. He calls himself Baba as his mother calls

1. About the  Micky Mouse Book Machine:
Neel feels that this is a favorite book machine of Micky- Mouse. There are a Micky Book Slide and the many books. The Micky-Book machine has printed picture books of Micky and his friends. The Machine has transported picture books to Micky's house through his favorite book Trucks.

 2. About Baba's Super House 

This is Neel's and his parent's Super House. Inside the house, many supermaterials are present to be used by his Super Mom-Daddy and Baba. He feels his uncle(Mama) Grandpa (Aaita) and Aatoi also share space inside the Baba's super house. This house has three doors-1. Upper door  2. Hexagon middle door and 3. Lower small door. On the left downstairs has a ladder and a super plane. He parks his super plane in the downstairs parking area. The Thurndstyle in the downstairs help his house dwellers to wear clothes.  He fixed one torchlight on the right side of the roof to light in the dark night.
Baba's Super House

3. About Baba's Blue tree and Super Heros Flying Up in the Sky

Neel feels that the superheroes are flying up in the sky with their scruff. They fly to parks, restaurants, and shoe stores both day and night. During the day, sun helps them to fly with sunshine so he gives one badge to Sun. Sun gives light to Super Heros to seven days in a week and  12 months in a year. 

Baba's Blue Tree and  Super Heros Flying Up in the Sky 

Neel's Art Work (17 -23 Feb 2019)

    The Coloring Big Building

This coloring Big Building located somewhere in Narengi. He painted this with watercolor and said that everywhere lots of colors so this building has a multicolor.

Spider House

This drawing name Spider House. The resident of the building of is Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Flash, Batman, Black Panther, Deadpool, Green lantern, Wolverine, Thor, Superman, Ironman, Alter, Marvel HQ, Captain Marvel, Mansuperbird, Captainloyal, Aquaman, Uncleman, Redhawk, Bluehauk, Orangehauk, Yellowhauk, Lightgreenhauk, Cionhauk, Gloden spiderman, Brown spiderman.

Race Track

This two-dimensional pattern was painted by Neel by following Art Attack. He Named as Race Track


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