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Bedtime stories

As parents, we are always busy with different levels of work. Official, household chores, social communications, and many more. We have limited time to warm up our bonding. Despite my busy schedule, I managed time for Neel's (my son) bedtime. 

Neel's bedtime started at 8:30-9:30pm. Before fall asleep both of us interact about numerous topics. First 10-15 minutes we discuss an imaginary world that is Hot wheel cars, Airplanes, SMART house, Space station, Dinosaurs, Dragon, Solar systems, and many more. Thereafter I started to tell some short stories that give him morale to his inquisitive mind for about 5-8 minutes. Finally, I sing lullabies cuddle over a hand. Normally I sing only one lullaby but sometimes more than two songs.

Simultaneously I also massage his foot, head, and hand. I often massage the back and whole body for his ultimate relaxation. This is the precious moment of both of us or Ourtime. This may be reciprocal and I also feel ultimate relaxation. This interaction believed to be improved our bonding as well as help me to decrease daily stress. 

I put a kiss on his forehead and whisper 'Love you' close to his ears. Then I get off and that is hilarious feeling over my mind. 

This daily course of bedtime stories has created a unique bond for both of us. I listen to his simple opinion and explain to him his level of understanding. Regular bedtime stories maybe reinforce Neel's cognitive power and mastery of the mother tongue (Assamese language).

There are many topics on the internet where people can find topics related to bedtime stories but every story has only one-way relation parents to kids. But I couldn't see reciprocal communication and thoughts and feelings. 
Regular bedtime communication also helps me to develop more responsible and accountable for my family and professional life. This also makes me more disciplined and responsible. I believe if each father spent some amount of time with his little kid he may develop a positive vibe for the entire day. My suggestion is to spend time with your kids, grow up a responsible person, and contribute to a better world.
Looking forward to your valuable response.  Happy reading and parenting.


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