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Learning Nature Through Musical Chair Game

Music is life itself. Music makes happy to all age group of people. Popular music may be the right tool to teach different subjects to young kids. This is about a musical chair game where the instructor supposed to play popular music around a group of chairs. 

It would be enjoyable if more than eight children of 5-6 age group may participate. This game may be suitable to play to celebrate World Environment Day, World Earth Day, World Elephant Day, World Rhino Day, etc. Thorugh the game instructor or organizer may sensitize the children about challenges faced by wildlife due to the shrinking ecological system.

Material required

Chairs for the children 

Popular music and player

Open space to play the game

If the game will be arranged at night please arrange proper lighting facilities


Arrange two series of chairs back to back alternatively 

Place one line of chairs with the alternate chair facing in the opposite direction 

Music system


Provide a play card of the wild animal to different animals like Elephant, Rhino, Tiger, Bengal florican, Pigmy hog, etc. Paste each chair with specific animals habitat or protected areas like Kaziranga NP, Manas NP like that.

Play the game

 The first instructor should provide chairs for all. Let's enjoy the music request all the children to run slowly around the chairs. Simultaneously instructor should interact with children about their feeling representing the different wild animals. 
Later on, the instructor should remove chairs one after another and let the children play. Then discuss with the participants how they felt when they lost their space. How the present human interferences have affected the natural spaces of wildlife. Then discuss possible solutions with the participants and conservation as well as rehabilitation measures.




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