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A Journey of Discovery: Tales from Manas National Park (travelogue)

Last week, my son and I embarked on an enchanting adventure to the eastern part of  Manas National Park, a haven of biodiversity nestled in the heart of nature's wonders. The air was thick with anticipation as we set foot into the lush wilderness, eager to explore the secrets it held.

Our journey took an unexpected turn when, during one of our immersive tracking experiences, we stumbled upon a seemingly ordinary yet intriguing discovery – decayed wild elephant dung. Despite its humble appearance, this find sparked a cascade of curiosity in my son's inquisitive mind.

As we examined the remnants of the gentle giants that roam these untamed lands, my son's questions flowed like a river. He observed, wide-eyed, and asked about the creature that left behind this natural artifact. With each inquiry, we delved into the fascinating world of elephants – their habits, their role in the ecosystem, and the intricate web of life they contribute to.

Against the backdrop of the vibrant flora and the distant calls of exotic birds, our impromptu lesson on wildlife unfolded. My son's fascination grew as he connected the dots between the decayed dung and the intricate tales of the wild.

In that moment, surrounded by the untouched beauty of Manas National Park, our understanding deepened. The journey became not just a physical exploration of a remarkable landscape but a profound lesson in the interconnectedness of all living beings.

As we continued our trek through the park, each rustle in the underbrush and every distant call of the wild took on new significance. The wilderness had woven its magic on us, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts.

Our visit to Manas became more than just a travelogue; it transformed into a shared experience of discovery, learning, and awe. The decayed elephant dung served as a poignant reminder that, in the intricate tapestry of nature, even the seemingly mundane can unravel stories of profound beauty and significance.

And so, with a newfound appreciation for the wild, we concluded our journey, carrying the echoes of Manas National Park's tales with us. The bonds between a parent and a child had strengthened, forged in the crucible of nature's classroom, leaving us with memories that would last a lifetime.



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