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Vidya Mani is a multifaceted individual, making significant contributions to the world of children's literature. As an accomplished author, editor, and visionary founder, she wears many hats in the realm of storytelling for young minds. Vidya is the creative force behind Melting Pot, a content and design studio renowned for crafting engaging children's books and magazines. Her work extends beyond commercial endeavors, as she collaborates with both publishers and NGOs to produce literature that not only captivates young readers but also imparts valuable lessons.

In addition to her role at Melting Pot, Vidya Mani is the co-founder and chief curator at Funky Rainbow, an independent bookshop and book consultancy based in Bengaluru. At Funky Rainbow, she leads a dedicated team committed to fostering a love for reading among children. The bookstore not only provides a diverse selection of children's literature but also offers a unique space that encourages exploration and discovery.

Iidya's passion for children's literature is reflected in her popular works, which resonate with young audiences. Through her books, she weaves imaginative tales that spark curiosity, instill important values, and create a magical world for children to explore. Vidya Mani's impactful presence in the literary landscape underscores her commitment to nurturing a generation of readers and storytellers.

Some of her popular books for children include:

India A to Z


Kokachi & Makachi 


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