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5 Activities You Can Do with Your Child during Lockdown

As the whole world is under the Corona Pandemic, this has been a desperate time for us. Corona is slowly breaking our economy and the future seems blank as of now. It has threatened the evolutionary traits of social relationships and keeping us inside our home.

In India, 21 days lockdown has put all of us inside the four walls of the house. From morning to night our family members are spending time together. 

Although we are accustomed to the gadgets, I and my son are trying to use this bleak time to bond with nature and finding time for creative works. 

We are also exercising, running and utilizing time as much as possible. The following are five activities you can try with your kids during the lockdown. I hope it will help you engage your kids and they will enjoy it as much as our kid does.

I will share more such activities over time with you. 

1. Painting and drawing 

Every day, Neel and I spend a couple of hours with pen and pencils. We love to sketch, simple watercolor painting, logo drawing, etc. We use Pinterest and Youtube for inspiration and try to recreate sketches we love.

2. Bird watching

We are blessed to live in a neighborhood that attracts a number of local and migratory birds. The area is full of greenery and there are several colonies of birds in the area. As this is the spring season, nature is blooming and every morning, hundreds of butterflies and dragonflies visit us along with the birds. 

Till now, we have recorded 200 birds. There are also two colonies of black storks at just 300m apart from our house. These groups of birds return to their nests every evening from 5:00 to-6:00pm. We record their return time every day and Neel loves to wave them bye-bye.

3. Origami

This another important activity we practice often. We love to surf Pinterest for DIY ideas and then recreate them with the things we have. So far, we have made a boat, fighter jet, kite, rabbit, hat, flowers and many more.

4. Playing wildlife cards

This is our favorite evening activity. Neel loves to play wildlife cards before dinner. We played three-four different types of games with this card. Neel even innovated 2 playing ideas recently.

5. Working on orchards

Living in a limited space, we have utilized a little space for our kitchen garden. Still, Neel and I love to spend our time planting saplings, watering, taking care of them and seeing them grow. 

Let's enjoy your moments, stay safe and sound, learn from this crisis period we shall overcome very soon. Wish you all the best 


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