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Happy New Year 2022!

 As the year 2021 comes to an end, I have been contemplating what I did this year. And not as an individual, but as a family.

This year was a mixed bag of good and bad things. It was my second year of deciding to give up city life and moving with my husband to his workplace in remote areas. 

Since his birth, Neel and I have been in the city while his father used to stay at national parks/wildlife sanctuary for his work. 

Although he came home regularly, there was discomfort in our hearts for being a fragmented family. 

So, when COVID hit last year, we moved with him to his workplace. And I must say that was a great decision for us as a family. 

Suddenly, we have more time to talk, read, play, fight together instead of doing that over calls. 

Suddenly, we can do whatever we want impromptu without having to plan it for months.

And it helped us three to grow together. We grew as individuals, as a family and it helped us to deal with the pandemic, it's affects, mental health and depression.

Yes, we had downs (fought with COVID 19 and still fighting with the post COVID syndrome) but as we stayed together, it helped us to recover fast. 

Yes, there were certain times when we wished we were in the city.

Yes, there was a time we wished for home delivery and the ease of shopping in the city.

Yet, it was worth everything to share a meal as a family at the same time, on the same table. 

Yet, it was worth it when we could spend our birthdays together (we couldn't spend our birthdays and anniversaries together as he had to always travel in the last ten years).

Yet, it was worth everything when we could spend the holidays together without wasting his time traveling).

At the end, we realized that we had choices, whether to live separately for a fast, happening city life or to live together in a small town without the city facilities and slow life. 

We chose a slow life. And in its second year, we have gained so much more, we created so much memory, and had so much fun together.

I have learnt during this time that life gives you choices. How you choose and what you choose often dictate what shape your life will take. 

Make the small choices that will help you to grow and come together as a family.

Spend time with your kids, this time will never come back.

May your 2022 be happy and full of family fun.

May you never stay away from your family.

May you laugh and fight with your kids and bicker till you drop.

Happy New Year! 


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