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Neel's first publication

                                       Published in the Assam Tribune dated (16.12.2021)

The experience of publishing in mass media is one of a lifetime. If it is for the first time and even at a tender age, it gives immense pleasure. As a parent, we are putting our effort into a good environment for our budding children. 

We are not helicoptering parents but we always monitor each and every activity of our child. We would not impose matters on him but guide him to do what is right or wrong. 

But as an intelligent child, he evolved as much faster than us. Accordingly, we are also trying to develop ourselves in relation to certain environments.  

Reading different aspects of books is our normal routine. We prefer to read general books and kindle on our Ipads. We read newspapers and keep sharing and discussing major current affairs.

 As such, our son also developed reading habits newspapers and eagerly waits for weekly supplements. He reads it regularly and we always discuss what he learned from the newspaper. 

He loves to share with us. There is an editorial and letter to the editor sections. Neel always loves to read these simple and inspiring sections.

We, therefore, encourage him to write one letter to the editor about the theme of  Why he should read a newspaper. Neel's mother tuned his sentences and finally sent them to the editor with a photograph. 

Finally, it got published today and when he saw his name and his writing in print, the child was speechless for a moment.

He was so happy that he grabbed his mother and spent a few moments hugging her before giving us the brightest smile.

And lastly, he said, "Daddy! I have become a writer just like you."

Do I need words to describe how I felt?


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