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Daddy's time for his son during Pandemic

I am a father of 7 years son and trying to provide quality time in the midst of a busy work schedule. Professionally, I am a wildlife biologist as such I spend many days from my house inside the forest with no connectivity. But as I return home I am turned into a family man and a father.

How can we (my son and me) spend time:

Early morning: I am an early riser and always left my bed between 4:30–0500am. This is my me time. From 5:00 -7:00, I do my all work- walking for half an hour, meditation and daily journal, and reading. 7:30 I wake up my son with a kiss on his forehead. I open windows and softly request him to wake up. Every night we sleep at the same time and I give him suggestions to wake up as I request so there is no hindrance.

He usually takes 10 minutes to freshen up. then I give him the first glass of water and two biscuits to start the day.

Thereafter we read his books (either textbook or reference) and request him to read loudly. I correct his pronunciation and maintain the tone.

Working hours

At 8:00 am I give him 10 minutes to run in our basement and directly moved to the bathroom. Currently, I am giving him training on bath, use of water, cleaning and wiping, etc. Thereafter we prey for 2 minutes and started our daily course.

Thereafter he moved to his workstation for online classes and I moved to my official work. He will be busy till lunchtime. After lunch, we discuss a little his school classes and then I again moved to my official work. During this period his mom is taking care of everything.

Evening Hours

I always prepare his evening snacks. I am trying my kitchen experience with youtube. During the kitchen, he has helped me to prepare snacks for him as well as for the mom.

We freshen up and read for 40 minutes and let him free as his wish. Sometimes he demanded me to play ludo, carom many more.

Before bed

My son and I sleep in the same bed. We also sleep with his four toys-Teddy, Micky, Doremon, and one Camel. I always message his toes and feet for a couple of hours and telling him bedtime stories. For me, this is the best moment of my current days. We talk, we discuss and fall asleep.

Above all are brief of my daily routine - In holiday we do lots of activities outside. He is following me all the time. I also remind you that this routine during this pandemic situation. I shall write some normal days routine in future. Looking forward to your upvote, comments, and suggestions.


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