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The 10 best ways to spend time with your ten-year-old

  • Nature walks or hike: Go for a walk in a local park or nature reserve to explore the outdoors and observe wildlife and plants

  • Craft or art project: Create something together, such as a painting, collage, or sculpture, using materials like paper, cardboard, or clay.

  • Cooking or baking: Cook or bake a meal or treat together, trying out new recipes or creating your own.

  • Board or card games: Play a board or card game together, such as chess, checkers, or a family-friendly card game.

  • Reading: Read a book together, either taking turns reading or having one person read while the other listens.

  • Science experiments: Conduct simple science experiments together, such as making a volcano or exploring the properties of materials.

  • Sports or physical activity: Play a sport or engage in physical activity together, such as playing catch, jumping rope, or riding bikes.

  • Gardening: Start a garden together, growing flowers, herbs, or vegetables, and learn about plant growth and care.

  • Movie or TV show: Watch a movie or TV show together, discussing your favorite parts and what you learned from it.

  • DIY or building project: Work on a DIY or building project together, such as creating a birdhouse, building a fort, or making a piece of furniture.


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