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Nature based games for 10 years old kid

Here are ten nature-based games tips  for 10-year-old kids:

Leaf and Stick Scavenger Hunt: Give kids a list of items to find in nature, such as a specific type of leaf or stick.

Nature Bingo: Create bingo cards with different items found in nature, like a bird, a rock, or a flower.

Plant a Garden: Let kids choose plants to grow and help with the planting, watering, and care of the garden.

Nature Photography: Give kids a camera or a smartphone and challenge them to take pictures of different elements of nature.

Build a Nature Fort: Encourage kids to use sticks, leaves, and other natural materials to build a fort or shelter.

Bird Watching: Provide kids with binoculars and a bird guide and challenge them to identify as many birds as they can.

Bug Hunting: Collect different insects using a bug jar and identify them using a bug guide.

Nature Hike: Take kids on a nature hike and challenge them to identify different trees, plants, and animals along the way.

Nature Sounds Game: Play a game where kids listen for different sounds in nature and try to identify what is making the sound.

Rock Painting: Collect rocks and provide kids with paint and markers to decorate them and turn them into unique nature-inspired art.


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