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Nature Voice -A Kids Play


Title: "Nature's Voice"


  • JASON, a high school student and nature enthusiast
  • LUCAS, Jason's classmate and skeptic
  • SARAH, a park ranger
  • VOICE OF NATURE (VON), an otherworldly voice representing the natural world

(The play opens with JASON and LUCAS sitting in a park, surrounded by nature)

JASON: (excitedly) Can you believe how beautiful this place is, Lucas? The trees, the birds, the sound of the river. It’s like a symphony of nature.

LUCAS: (skeptically) It’s just a park, man. What’s so special about it?

JASON: (disappointed) How can you not see it, Lucas? This park is a sanctuary for wildlife and a crucial part of the ecosystem. We need to protect places like this.

LUCAS: (sarcastic) Oh sure, because a couple of trees and some squirrels are going to save the world.

JASON: (serious) It’s not just about the trees and squirrels, Lucas. It’s about the balance of nature and preserving it for future generations.

(SARAH enters)

SARAH: (approaching the boys) Good afternoon, gentlemen. What brings you here to the park today?

JASON: (excitedly) We’re just enjoying the beauty of nature.

SARAH: (smiling) That’s great to hear. It’s so important for people to connect with nature and understand its value.

LUCAS: (skeptically) How can one park make a difference in the grand scheme of things?

SARAH: (educating) Every little bit helps, Lucas. Every park, every nature reserve, and every protected area adds up to create a network of habitats for wildlife to thrive. And it’s not just about the animals. It’s about preserving the beauty and diversity of our planet for future generations to enjoy.

(VON, the VOICE OF NATURE, speaks)

VON: (echoing) Greetings, young humans. I am the voice of nature. I speak for the trees, the rivers, and the skies.

JASON: (surprised) Whoa! What’s that voice?

LUCAS: (skeptically) It’s probably just a speaker system or something.

VON: (firm) No, young Lucas. I am the voice of nature itself, here to remind you of the importance of my preservation.

SARAH: (impressed) This is amazing! What can we do to help, Voice of Nature?

VON: (urgent) It’s simple. Listen to me. Respect me. Protect me. Only then can I continue to thrive and provide for you and all living creatures.

JASON: (determined) We’ll do our best, Voice of Nature. We’ll spread the word and educate others about the importance of nature conservation.

LUCAS: (surprised) Yeah, I’ll help too. I never realized how much we depend on nature.

VON: (appreciative) Your support is crucial, young humans. Together, we can ensure a bright future for nature and for all living creatures.

(The play ends with JASON, LUCAS, and SARAH walking)


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