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Touch the river

This is the last part of autumn. Nature has welcomed the winter here and this is indeed a very pleasant time. Many festivals happened during this year in India. Among them the Durga Puja, Diwali, Raas, and many more. People are also in festive mode but due to the COVID19 situation restrictions prevail everywhere. 

On the eve of this festive season, we went to visit a natural site near our residence. We spent a night and rekindled our love for nature after several months. Neel was excited to visit the location. He felt the first touch of winter, fog, campfire, etc. In this post,  I would like to share how we enjoyed touching cool river water.

Neel and me wake up early in the morning and went away to wander on the lone village roads. We went to the bank of a river called Kasimdaha. It is a small river coming out from Manas national park. This is a perennial river as there are many rivers in this place are seasonal or rain fed. 

The name Kasimdaha might get from the tortoise (Kasa in Assamese). Tortoises were common once in this river. But due to the course of time, the number of tortoises decreased but a variety of fishes, insects still exist in the river eco-system. 

This river is a good source of water to all the wild herbivores like the elephant, deer, rhino, tiger, and outside the jungle it fed water to the agricultural field, drinking water to the catchment area. 

In summer, the river is full of water and flows with a rapid current. From the month of October, the level of water recedes and water became crystal clear. 

To understand the flow of water, aquatic life, and feel the chill, we went to the river bank to sprinkle water. Neel enjoyed the moment wholeheartedly. I have explained to Neel about the importance of water and how it benefits our lives. 

Lets all parents put efforts to acquaint natural things as much as possible and keep them nature lovers in near future. 

For a better world, we need to change our lifestyles, acquaint our children with nature and give sometimes with your own child. 

Let's enjoy it and do comment on your thoughts.


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