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My first visit with my dad at the zoo was incredible! I saw lots of different animals at the zoo, in my diary (where I wrote all the animals in) there were about 33 animals that we saw! And guess what? There are even more animals to see! One of the rare animals that we saw was a White Porcupine! It looked cool, not gonna lie. The funniest was the Hoolock Gibbon, it was shouting like Crazy🤪

The animal that I liked the most was the Lion. It was with his lioness, and I got so excited that I accidently said hello to them… (I’m saying accidently because the lion could run over and grab me, don’t worry though he didn’t do that I’m fine.) He stared at me then returned to his business. I was excited because it was the first time, I ever saw a lion! Ok, the one that I did get scared a tiny bit was the Burmese Python, it scared me because mate it actually crawling on the ceiling light️😱! Even though I’m actually not afraid of snakes. (That’s actually true, but my mom is, she would’ve fainted if she saw that!) 

The The cute one were the Turtles and Tortoises, there were small but adorable! I saw a Hippo, but I really wanted to see its mouth (Wait what!?). The Giraffe were very tall indeed, but here’s a fun fact, Humans and Giraffe have the same amount of neck vertebrate in their necks! 7 each! Then why are the Giraffe’s necks being taller than us? Simple! The vertebrate of the Giraffe is longer than ours!


Explosion: 14 Points:            Bye!he Zoo is pretty huge, so we cannot walk or run because it would take up way too much energy! Instead, we used the electric tour cars that were available and did walking for the rest, and when we were going to the snake house, it felt as like were mountain trekking! It was because the Zoo was situated in a hilly area, so the more animals we saw, the higher we went. I think the highest point where we had gone was the Black Panther, Leopard and Leopard Cat enclosures. There were also many birds, some of them were eagles, vultures, pheasants, hornbills and more! So that its it for today, Bye!

This post is written by Mr. Dhrubaneel Dutta age 9 years old


Explosion: 14 Points: Bye! 


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