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Imagination in children refers to their ability to form mental images, stories, and scenarios in their minds that are not based on real-life experiences. It is a crucial aspect of child development and allows them to explore their thoughts and emotions, understand the world around them, and create something new and unique. Research has shown that imagination is positively associated with cognitive and social development in children and can play a role in developing their creativity, problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence. Encouraging imagination and play can also positively impact a child's mental and emotional well-being.

My son and I talk a lot. We sometimes talk for hours about different topics based on his imagination. There are some beautiful times to enjoy during our evening walk or Sunday lunch. During our discussion, we moved from our real world to an imaginary one. The imagination of my son about space puzzled me. I don't understand why he is so curious about 'Horizon'. Maybe all children have such an inquisitive nature. However, as they grow into teenagers and adults, their imagination is replaced by the needs of the real world. They may forget the beautiful image of the horizon where their mental health grew up.


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