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Learning Nature-II

This program is designed to experience different components of nature on nature excursion by using different field techniques and activates. After the program children will have to produce nature poetry and nature reports. This field excursion also enables the participants to get in touch with nature, building their awareness about the environment and their sense of ecological citizenship.

                                                             Area of Activities

Backyard garden, garden around the school campus.
Imitating nature sound
Objective: Participants like to imitate and able to communicate with nature. Participants have to focus on nature and its vivid sounds and creating an atmosphere for the day.
Material: Paper and pens
Allow participants to sit quietly in the backyard garden and request them to listen to
all the sounds around them. On a piece of paper, they should draw themselves in the center and then place where they hear the sounds around them.
Final discussion
This is a question-answer session where the guide would ask questions to participant’s different sounds they heard and find out who heard the most sounds. In the second session ask participants what sounds they heard. Then these sounds should be discussed and if there were human noises, the impacts of man on nature can also be discussed.

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